Choosing Happiness With Your Words

happiness2Words are not tangible, yet we hold on to them. Words can inspire you, they can move you to tears of both sadness and joy. They can lead you into action and offer you encouragement of sympathy.

There are words of love, admiration and motivation. Through words we can find strength, faith, and imagination. They nourish our soul and grow our mind. They can give us happiness each and every day, if you choose to utilize their power.

In your day-to-day when life is carrying on as normal, we can swing our attitude into optimism and happiness by using language in a positive way. Words have influence on both the speaker and the listener.

Sometimes when we speak we have an unintentional but impactful negative tone. When we speak with negative words or tone, we start to believe that’s how we truly feel, even if it’s not. Read More →

Things Money Can’t Buy

what-money-cant-buy-picWe would be foolish to think that money doesn’t have a place in our lives. But it cannot give life meaning.  Although it is on your mind, money should not be in your hearts. Making a living should not prevent you from creating a life. So, stop worrying about money and soak up life’s priceless pleasures.

Creating life is more important than making money.

What money can’t buy? Read More →

12 Things That Happy People Do Differently

happy-peopleMany of us are under the impression that we are entitled to happiness enjoyment, pleasure and wisdom. The truth is, these things don’t come naturally.

You have to learn them. Through life’s journeys of ups and downs you gain perspective, knowledge, experience and discipline and most importantly, you learn how to live.

Psychologist Sonja Lyubomirsky conducted a study and found 12 key things that happy people do differently to elevate their level of happiness. If you start doing these things today, you will also feel happier. 🙂 Read More →