The Lioness and her Reflection


Once there was a young lioness cub who became lost in the desert. So long did she wander through the desolate dryness that she even forgot she was a lion cub.

Truth to tell, she didn’t know what she truly was, although she still had some vague idea that there might be some proud majestic but perhaps mythical creatures out there known as ‘lions’. But soon she had other worries.

Wandering under the unrelenting merciless heat, our lioness cub became increasingly, then desperately, thirsty. But a small helping of luck mingled with a sprinkle of fate brought her to a large cave in the rocks where she could at last shade herself from the sun’s blistering rays.
As it happened, deep within this cave lay a cool pool of life saving, thirst quenching, lip-smackingly delicious water. Our young lioness couldn’t believe her luck, and was about to dive headlong into the sparkling pool when she noticed something scary…

Staring back up at her from the water was the most magnificent, dignified, strong, clever-looking, awesome… could it be? Yes, it was! She had come face to face with a mythical lioness!
So they were real! Not just something she had dreamed up!

Of course, she had no idea that it was nothing less than her own reflection that had brought her up short. Awestruck and fearful, she backed off hastily.
“How can I, lowly creature that I am, get past that proud beautiful creature, the great guardian surely of the very waters of life?”
She padded around the cave not knowing what to do, her throat becoming drier and her whole body dehydrating further by the second. And each time she peered into the pool, there she was again! That magnificent creature staring up at her!

Finally, her truly desperate need gave her courage. No matter what the apparent risk, she had to drink. So she took a deep breath plunged into the pool.

And of course, there was no other lioness waiting for her. Or rather, the lioness of the pool was she herself. She drank her fill and was saved.
And that is how the young lioness came to know her true nature.

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