Habits that steal your happiness

HABITS STEAL HAPPINESSSuccessful and happy people are those who have habits that produce happiness and success.

You need to recognize if your habits are not helping you and replace them with new ones that help make you the best version of yourself.

Although bad habits can be difficult to change, don’t let these habits steal your happiness:

1. Waiting for the stars to align

People tend to develop the bad habit of waiting for the perfect moment and the perfect opportunity to present itself before they make a move.

The idea of a perfect moment is just that – an idea. Replace the habit of waiting with the habit of doing. The only way that you will reach your highest potential is by acting in the face of imperfect moments.

2. Holding onto hatred

Hatred is a very powerful feeling. It can overcome and control our emotions and eventually get the best of us. We might not remember who we hate, what we hate or why we hate, but yet, hatred can consume us.

Hatred is not a solution to anything, only love is. Don’t let hatred rent space in your head or heart. Make hate move out so you can move on.

3. Focusing on difficulties

Have you ever noticed that when you have a bad day, you relentlessly relive the difficult moments over and over in your mind? It affects your mood, outlook and attitude.

Difficult times are inevitable in life but you don’t have to let it affect you. Take note of the challenges you experienced and adjust but don’t let them dictate your life. You have the strength to carry on so make it a habit.

4. Holding onto people who hurt you

Many of us have the habit of holding onto toxicity. Perhaps because we believe things are supposed to be a certain way and we need these people to make that happen.

When you let go of people who hurt you, you make room for happiness. There are great lessons to be had in letting go. Walk away from people who hurt you and towards a life of happiness.

5. Comparing yourself to others

Collectively, people have developed the habit of constantly comparing themselves to others. And now, thanks to tools like social media, it’s now easier than ever.

Don’t find satisfaction or displeasure. Focus on writing your own story. Focus on developing habits around setting clear goals, creating more and taking control over your life.

6. Exaggerating the importance of physical looks

We’re a society that is connected through Instagram, snapchat, magazines and more. This only promotes the habit of over-amplifying physical attractiveness. You cannot infatuate yourself with what other people look like or what you look like on the outside. There is no sense behind it.

Looks are not comparable or quantifiable. Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. Replace this habit with new habits built on fostering your relationships based on an emotional and mental connection.

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