Finding Strength and Peace in Times of Grief

griefGrief doesn’t always have rhyme or reason, it doesn’t have a time limit or an expiration date. It is part of your journey and only you can understand your grief. Like an ocean, some times it will be calm, some times the waves will crash against your shore and other times they will be calm but you have to keep swimming.

While deep down we know that we have to remain positive and remember that “this too shall pass” during times of grief, when the waves coming crashing in on us, it’s hard to remain a positive attitude. I want to remind you of these 5 notions to help you through those times. Review them from time to time and remember that there is sacredness in your grief. It is not a mark of weakness but of your immense power.

1. Your Grief Is Gradually Improving You

Grief is the garden of compassion and understanding. If your keep your heart open and your mind positive, your pain can become an ally in your search for love and wisdom.

When life blindsides you with chaos, you might not know why or how it happened, but when it’s over, you will have made it through another one of your journeys obstacles. You found the strength to put one foot in front of the other and you carried on. When the chaos comes an end, you are stronger than you were before and you might even realize that the chaos was necessary to make you stronger.

2. You Are Strong Enough

When it feels like the world is resting on your shoulders, you still don’t break. Although it’s not always on the surface, the human capacity for pain and endurance is far stronger and more flexible than you’d imagine.

Too many of us are taught at an early age that pain is evil and you should avoid it. But, can we ever really fall in love or live our dreams if we’re too afraid to feel? Pain is as necessary in life as love and joy. It makes us feel alive. Don’t hide it. Hold it up high – you’re strong enough.

You are strong enough to handle the both the bigger struggles in life and the smaller, unexpected grievances that you experience daily. Life is a journey of ups and downs, perfect plans and unexpected chaos. Embrace every step of the journey.

3. Your Fears Are Only In Your Mind

Fears feel very realistic but they are not. They are merely thoughts fostered by your mind. You can be courageous through the deepest fears. You have to take chances and do things that scare you to reach your potential.

Don’t be afraid of your fears. They are there to tell you what is important or not to you, if your dreams are worthy of your time and growth. They key is to acknowledge your fears and then conquer them. Fight through your fears. Don’t be your strongest opponent to reaching your dreams.

4. You Are In Control of Your Thoughts, Actions and Reactions

Whether you believe in destiny or not, your destiny is in your hands. Understand that you are responsible for circumstances in your life. You are free to make changes as you see fit and make life what you want it to be. You are not chained to the past and your future is not determined. You can change your life through your thoughts, actions and reactions.

5. You are Worthy of YOUR Love and Respect

All you need is love. It’s the force of life. If you have love, you have life. When you love, respect and accept yourself, you can finally open up to all of life’s joys and happiness.

You must first love yourself completely before you can love others or respect the passions buried inside of you. You need to be your best friend especially in times of grief. Too many people don’t love themselves or undervalue who they are. Don’t be one of those people.

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