How to Have a Good Day

Hi everyone! I’m a little bit under the weather, I just had a tonsillectomy the other day and when done at my age, it hurts a lot!

I tried to write something today, but the pain was too much. Then I watched this video on YouTube and I decided to share it with you!

It really inspired me. It only lasts 5 minutes but it’s completely worth it!

Have a nice day everybody!

Lots of love,


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How to Deal with Bullying


Sometimes people think bullying is simply a rite of passage to adulthood or to the next promotion in the work place but that way of thinking is no longer tolerated. For those who have not been directly affected by bullying, they might not understand how traumatic and devastating the physical and verbal terrorizing truly is.

Bullying can leave you feeling insecure, angry, depressed, regretful, and even scared. While misery loves company, nobody should have to feel this way for any reason but especially because somebody else has felt the need to make somebody feel as bad as they must. Whether you are being bullied or are witnessing bullying as a parent, adult and even a colleague here are some steps that can help you deal with a bully. Read More →