4 Effective Ways To Achieve Your Goals

GoalYou have some things that you’d like to accomplish – an image of who you want to be, but yet, you find that you keep falling short. Why is it to hard to achieve your goals? It’s not. But you’re probably missing one key component: a plan.

How do you separate a goal from a wish? You make a plan. And what do you do when your plan doesn’t work? You change the plan.

Never change the goal. Keep your eyes open and concentrated on what it is that you want and you will hit your target.

The 3 main reasons people don’t reach their goals are:

1. They do not set achievable goals
2. They do not have a plan
3. They do not take logical action

Think about Bill Gates, the people who run marathons or small business owners, do you think that they stumbled into their success? No. They planned and they executed that plan. Regardless of what your goals are – the way you reach them is the same.

How to Achieve Your Goals

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4 Excellent Ways to Double Your Time

double your timeYour intelligence and abilities, focused and concentrated on highly important activities, can enable you to accomplish much more than the average person can and in far less time.

Have you ever found yourself surfing the net just for fun and then realizing  1 hour had already passed? How much time do you waste answering messages?

How much time do you waste watching Tv or surfing the net with no purpose? How much time do you spend doing low priority activities?

We all need our daily amount of fun, but if you complain that you don’t have time, you’d better start observing your daily activities and make some changes.
So what are the steps to double you time and succeed both in your personal life and career?

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7 Steps to a Powerful Charismatic Personality

charismaticCharisma is a special quality of magnetism, an aura that a person radiates from within. You can become charismatic if you want to and it is a wonderful amazing journey that can be fun as well.

Becoming charismatic is gaining the respect of others by deciding exactly the kind of person you want to be. It’s shaping yourself to becoming the person you admire the most. It’s aspiring to become a great personality.

We all look up to great leaders, but what if you could look up to yourself and gain so much self-respect and personal pride that you could just tell yourself “Look at my progresses, and what an amazing journey has been! Look how far I’ve come and how much I can still learn and grow! I truly love and respect myself!”

When you’re charismatic, you’re always more welcome, more positively received and more trusted than the others. People are naturally drawn to you. Developing charisma can make your life a lot more joyous and happier.

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6 Steps to Control Will Power

willpowerHow can you take immediate control of your life? What can you do it starting from today?

We are the result of our thoughts and beliefs and we know that different actions produce different results: if we want to take control of our own life, we need to take control of our own beliefs.

Everything that happens begins with a decision, and everything we’ve achieved until now started with a decision.

Problems begin when we have a goal or a dream we want to accomplish or a habit we want to get rid of, and we feel unable to master our willpower to take action every day towards that goal: if that decision is not implemented with a plan and a consistent motivation, we might never achieve the result we want.

So how to change our behavior or beliefs, to make so that we keep going until the finish line?

First of all you need to decide who you want to become and know what you want. Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to write a novel? Do you want to change a specific habit?

Stay away from excuses and make a commitment to yourself. Repeat to yourself “Nothing will stop me!”

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5 Ways to Overcome Your Fears and Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

Chess King- Business Concept Series - Competition, Leadership, CWhat is going on within you determines everything you are, and everything you will ever accomplish.

Once you have decided exactly what you want, you need to move boldly in the direction of your goals.

Many people hesitate or quit because they cannot see how they are going to get from where they are to where they want to go.  But it’s only when you move in the direction of your goals, that things begin to happen for you.

Courage is the ability to master fear.  Everyone has fears, but the difference between a courageous man or woman and a coward, is the ability to control fear. How can you become braver and use that quality to turn your dreams into reality? Read More →