5 Things Emotionally Strong People Don’t Do

Emotionally Strong PeopleEmotionally strong people know that in order to stay strong they most continue to grow and progress in all areas of life: mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. They know that strong is often the only option and they will prevail through all of life’s setbacks. Emotionally strong people understand that forgiveness part of moving forward.

But what are emotionally strong people intentionally NOT doing? We can continue to add fresh perspectives to our life philosophy, work on implementing new and productive habits and challenge ourselves on new levels but we should simultaneously be eliminating behaviors that make us weak or drag us down.

Here are some things that emotionally strong people don’t do: Read More →

13 Lessons to Excel in Life in Your 30s and Beyond

ExcelThere are many lists and articles out there on the web aimed at offering direction for those 20-somethings or recent high school graduates who have learned a lot about the real world, but have a lot more to learn. But these articles are rarely geared towards the late 20’s and 30-something crowd.

If you’ve reached 25 and beyond, then you know that you certainly don’t have everything figured out. Sure, you’ve made a lot of mistakes that have taught you a lot, you have definitely matured in your relationships and you can navigate pretty much any social situation.

But, life is still difficult. You feel lost at times, you get stuck in ruts and sticky situations, you feel overwhelmed and you feel discouraged. So, today, I want to offer 13 “lessons” that will help you excel in your 30s and beyond. Read More →

7 Signs You’re Just Fine (Even If It Doesn’t Feel Like It)

signs you're just fineWe all get stuck in a rut from time to time. Some times that rut only lasts a few days while other times it feels like it’s been months, even years since you’ve felt optimistic or enthusiastic.

On the exterior you appear to be content, even satisfied but inside you have a lingering feeling of emptiness that clouds your daily tasks, long-term goals and achievements.

Ruts happen because we live life too much by habit and not enough by intent. We often focus on the past or what might be in the future. But we need to learn to focus on today and what lies within us not within the past or future.

Life isn’t always easy but that’s what makes it an adventure. Remember that life isn’t meant to be easy but it is meant to be lived to the best of your capability.

Whenever you’re feeling down or you find yourself falling into a rut, remember you’re doing just fine. Here are some signs to prove it. Read More →

5 Things to Remember When You Think You’re Not Good Enough

good-enoughThe truth is, we’re our own biggest critics. But above all, it’s important in life that you don’t find yourself feeling that you’re not good enough. In life, people take you at your own judgment.

Unfortunately we all fall victim to these thoughts. We think that the road we’re isn’t the right direction and the life we’re leading isn’t good enough from any perspective.

This often comes pressure from family, work, peers and society. We believe that if we don’t have the perfect job, haven’t found that ideal relationship or don’t wear the latest fashion, we’re simply not good enough.

This self-defeating mindset is common and honestly, very few people are immune from it. But with these 5 things, when you find yourself falling down this ill-fated rabbit hole, you can climb back up. Read More →

7 Ways to Feel Less Stress

stressWe all have fears that result in stress. Whether it’s fear of judgment, not measuring up, the unknown or the unpredictable, it creates depression and stress in everyday life. Managing stress is the most important ingredient to living a happy and healthy life. Being in control and having realistic expectations about your daily challenges and your future is key to managing stress.

A lot of feel stressed not because we’ve taken on too much work, our relationships, our boss, etc. but because we are not taking enough approaches that strengthen us. Here are a few approaches that will allow you to strengthen yourself and feel less stress. Read More →