10 Things People in Healthy Relationships Don’t Do

healthy relationshipsRelationships are like a plant. You can’t simple bring home a plant, put it in near a window or on the shelf and hope it will grow strong and healthy. You have to nurture it, provide adequate lighting and water and some suggest you should even talk to them. When you have love and a relationship, you have to dedicate time and energy to making sure that it grows stronger and healthier.

Regardless if you are trying to nurture and improve your marriage, your dating relationship or a friendship, there are many things that you can do and there are also a lot of things that you shouldn’t do. Let’s take a look at the things people in healthy relationships don’t do. Read More →

3 Tips to Improve Your Family and Personal Life

FamilyMost of our happiness comes from our relationships: when you treat people the way you’d like to be treated, a new world unfolds.
Our self-esteem and self-respect is directly linked to how much we like ourselves. If we behave exactly how our ideal self would, our self-esteem increases.

When we treat others according to our values, we feel happier and more confident. When we spend time with the people we love and care about the most, we feel a lot better.

Patience, kindness, respect and unconditional love are the basis to good relationships: to create a loving environment where each person feels safe and respected, we must first be a role model that lives according to those values.

To improve our family and personal life there are some things we can start doing: Read More →

3 Ways To Influence and Empower People

empower peopleThey say that “no man is an island”: this means that a person needs other people to feel motivated, happy and to achieve his/her goals. The more you get along with people, the more people will like you. The more people like you, the more people will help you. And the more people help you, the higher is the chance for you to achieve your goals.

Your ability to get along with people and let them help you, is what will make you a more powerful and effective person.

When you get along with your family, your friends, your colleagues and even your boss, doors will open for you.

The simplest way to get along with people is to make them feel good about themselves, expressing every time you can your honest appreciation for everything that person does for you. The more you express your gratitude, the more other people will want to do more for you. Read More →

10 Effective Ways to Deal with Difficult People


People are creatures of emotions more often than they creatures of logic. People walk around with their prejudices, pride and ego’s that sometimes create a difficult person to deal with. Emotions are a difficult thing to navigate through because they are not rational nor are they predictable.

There are some people who brush of being late with understanding that things happen. There are other people that when you are 5 minutes late, they react with anger and disappointment. You can never predict how somebody’s emotions are going to respond to you but you have to have a prepared mental toolbox to deal with him or her.

Throughout life people are constantly testing us: our patience, our self-control, our manners, temper and respect. There is not necessarily something that we’ve done to ask for these people to test us but it’s important to remember that we do not have to participate in their attempt to get a rise out of us. Read More →

4 Easy Ways to Overcome Fear of Intimacy and Be Happy Again


Have you been told that you have a wall built up that people can’t seem to break down? You probably have a good reason to have built up that wall – even if you don’t realize that you have layered bricks around you. Fear of intimacy is usually a fear of emotional and/or physical closeness that can affect personal relationships, particularly the most meaningful ones.

Love, affection, companionship and kindness are all things that we seek in life but throughout heartaches and disappointment we learn that it doesn’t come easy. When love does come knocking on our door we find that it’s actually hard to accept and endure. Genuine love is intoxicating and exhilarating but it threatens our self-defences that we’ve spent years learning, it encourages us to become vulnerable and this leads to that fear of intimacy because behind the excitement and happiness many people fear rejection and loss. Read More →