Personal Strategic Planning: 4 Questions to Ask Yourself to Eliminate Dissatisfaction

personal strategic planningPersonal Strategic Planning is a systematic way of thinking and acting that enables you to concentrating all your energies on a limited set of targets.

Through Personal Strategic Planning you can move faster towards your goals and greatly improve your ability to increase your personal results.

Basically you reorganize your activities to achieve a higher quality and quantity of outputs.

How well you invest yourself determines your outcomes in life and investing in yourself is not only about the activities you choose to do, but also how you plan your time, prioritize your tasks according to your goals (family goals, career goals, health goals and so on…) and about what you choose to keep or get rid of in your life (like activities of low importance to you).

If you’re not getting the results you want or you feel frustrated then it’s time to ask yourself some good, hard questions. Read More →

5 Ways to Boost Your Optimism and High Performance

OptimismYour ability to think is your most precious resource: the ability to choose your own thoughts and reactions is the one thing over which you have complete control.

Your mind is so powerful that can bring you almost anything you want in life. You have within you an unlimited potential that you’ll never be able to fully use during your entire life. You are unlimited and the real limits you have, are the ones you create for yourself.

Your thoughts are the causes that create the conditions of your life and you can change your life by simply changing your thinking.

Successful people think about what they want and how to get it most of the time. As a result they accomplish much more than the average person, even though they may have started with no particular advantages.

Optimism is the predominant quality of a successful person. A positive mental attitude can help in every field of your life, even your health, and that’s way it’s so important to become optimistic.

Optimism is useful in many ways: it helps your immune system to be stronger and more resistant to disease and infection, makes you become more creative and will help you move even faster toward your goals, making you more confident, solution oriented and proactive.

Optimism will ensure your success and happiness more than any other single quality you can develop.

Keep your thinking optimistic and positive most of the time: make it a habit. The more you practice, the easier it becomes.

To boost you optimism and become a more positive and confident person, take a look at those steps: Read More →

The Power of Focus

FocusIf you want to live by your standards, you’d better have a plan otherwise somebody else will have it for you.

What do you really want? What excites you the most? What brings happiness to your life? What gives you the thrill of the challenge?

Don’t waste time worrying. Focus on the results you want to achieve, on what you want, focus on the solutions, focus on what’s most important and on what gives you joy.

Aim to be fulfilled and happy.

Your real power is the Power of Focus. You have the ability to shift your emotions and to completely focus on something else, to decide consciously your emotional state and to challenge yourself to achieve the results you want, of any kind.

Consciously direct your focus, live your life to the fullest every single day.

Focus is the power: focus on what you want, begin to make the shift.

If you don’t consciously direct our focus we will think about: Read More →

3 Fast Steps to C.A.N.E.I.

canei“Your rewards in life will always be equal to the value of your service to others.”

The truth is that you have right now, all the resources to be, do and have anything you want.  This is because you can learn any skills that you need to learn, to do any job you need to do, to achieve any goal that you can set for yourself.

C.A.N.E.I. is an acronym for continuous and never ending improvement.

It takes many years of hard work and preparation, to become excellent.

In a highly competitive society, it takes many years to become very good at what you do and to earn the rewards of this hard work, but unfortunately, most people are not willing to make these efforts.

Some people are constantly looking for opportunities to get something they want without paying full price or they search for quick ways to solve problems that may have taken them many months or years to develop.   Read More →

How to Have a Positive Focus


One thing that successful and productive people have in common is the ability to maintain a positive in focus in life, regardless of what is going on around them.

They stay focused on their past successes and learn from but do not focus on past failures. Every step that they take is to get them closer to fulfilling their daily and long-term goals.

If you keep a positive focus, all your life will benefit, including your health, success, happiness and satisfaction.

When you focus on the negative, all you get is more negative energy that rapidly amplifies, so focus only on the positive and on your long term goals, especially when you’re in a crisis.

One of the best ways to have control over how you spend your time and how focused you are through your day is through mental programming. Here is a specific technique that you can use (although there are many).

Before you go bed or when you wake up in the morning, spend 5-10 minutes visualizing your upcoming day. Picture it like a move that you are attentively watching and allow the entire day to play in front of you in fast-forward.

While you are watching the movie of your upcoming day, take notice of what your gut is feeling through each part of it. This might take some time and practice to truly reap the benefits from. Read More →