7 Ways to Deal with Negative Criticism

criticismNegative critics can undermine your confidence. Their usual behavior is to criticize every idea you express or behavior you have or even your preferences in any area of your life.

The reasons they give you sound good and sometimes are even very rational, but there’s a difference between constructive criticism and negative criticism.

Constructive criticism gives you a feedback that can be useful. It’s very specific and generally describes a behavior or a mistake that has been made or something specific that can be improved: if you make a mistake typing a document, your boss might tell you to be more precise in your work because the docs were important and you should pay more attention to what you do etc.

A complaint is also specific: if you haven’t cleaned the kitchen, your partner might complain and say something like “I’m upset that you didn’t clean the kitchen. Please be more cooperative next time”

Negative criticism is very different. Its characteristics are: Read More →

Finding Strength and Peace in Times of Grief

griefGrief doesn’t always have rhyme or reason, it doesn’t have a time limit or an expiration date. It is part of your journey and only you can understand your grief. Like an ocean, some times it will be calm, some times the waves will crash against your shore and other times they will be calm but you have to keep swimming.

While deep down we know that we have to remain positive and remember that “this too shall pass” during times of grief, when the waves coming crashing in on us, it’s hard to remain a positive attitude. I want to remind you of these 5 notions to help you through those times. Review them from time to time and remember that there is sacredness in your grief. It is not a mark of weakness but of your immense power. Read More →

Things to remember during bad times

bad-times-333-300x250bad-times-333-300x250When you’re going through bad times it’s easy to forget about your fortune. But it is not your fortune that changes but your attitude. Regardless of how low you are feeling, there is somebody who has it much worse than you. Always focus on what you have not what you’ve lost or what you want. When you are faced with bad times you have to find hope. Here are a few reminders to help give you hope when you need it: Read More →

The 7 Steps Problem Solving Technique

problem solvingThere’s a strict relationship between your conscious mind and your subconscious mind. Your conscious mind commands and your subconscious mind obeys.

However, the most powerful faculty we have is our superconscious mind.

The superconscious mind is the source of all inspiration, intuition and ideas.  Your superconscious mind is the powerhouse that can bring you anything you really want: it is goal oriented and powered by positive affirmations.

When you are absolutely clear about your goal, you experience a continuous flow of energy that drives you toward it.

You activate it also with clear positive commands with a deadline, in the form of personal, present tense. Whenever you repeat or visualize your goal, you activate your superconscious mind.

It will bring you exactly the answer you need: take action immediately, even if comes in the middle of the night.  Read More →

This is Truly Important: How to Break a Downward Spiral


Have you ever wondered why some people seem blessed by fortune and others constantly followed by a negative cloud?

I’ve learned from my own experience, and I want to share it with you, that we are truly the creator of our own destiny.

Let me explain. When you’re going through a very dark time in your life, negative events seem to add one upon another. It’s like they never stop, they just keep happening.

That what happened to me not so much time ago and although I’m a little bit ashamed of that, I have to admit that it was really a lesson learned.

Let’s start from our vocabulary. Have you noticed that happy, lucky people always use a positive vocabulary? They never complain, they find the bright side in everything and they have the strong faith that everything will be alright in the end.

This is not a naïve way of thinking, it is truly a powerful one.

They say that a negative thought is less powerful than a positive one. I disagree. I deeply disagree. A negative thought has far more power because we live in an environment that always confirms that something bad is going to happen.

When we turn on the TV and we hear the news…Oh God, it seems like the apocalypse is coming.

That is bad for our health and for ourselves.

A negative thought can be the starting point of a very bad downward spiral.

Let me make you an example. Read More →