7 Ways to Deal with Negative Criticism

criticismNegative critics can undermine your confidence. Their usual behavior is to criticize every idea you express or behavior you have or even your preferences in any area of your life.

The reasons they give you sound good and sometimes are even very rational, but there’s a difference between constructive criticism and negative criticism.

Constructive criticism gives you a feedback that can be useful. It’s very specific and generally describes a behavior or a mistake that has been made or something specific that can be improved: if you make a mistake typing a document, your boss might tell you to be more precise in your work because the docs were important and you should pay more attention to what you do etc.

A complaint is also specific: if you haven’t cleaned the kitchen, your partner might complain and say something like “I’m upset that you didn’t clean the kitchen. Please be more cooperative next time”

Negative criticism is very different. Its characteristics are: Read More →

The Lioness and her Reflection


Once there was a young lioness cub who became lost in the desert. So long did she wander through the desolate dryness that she even forgot she was a lion cub.

Truth to tell, she didn’t know what she truly was, although she still had some vague idea that there might be some proud majestic but perhaps mythical creatures out there known as ‘lions’. But soon she had other worries.

Wandering under the unrelenting merciless heat, our lioness cub became increasingly, then desperately, thirsty. But a small helping of luck mingled with a sprinkle of fate brought her to a large cave in the rocks where she could at last shade herself from the sun’s blistering rays.
As it happened, deep within this cave lay a cool pool of life saving, thirst quenching, lip-smackingly delicious water. Our young lioness couldn’t believe her luck, and was about to dive headlong into the sparkling pool when she noticed something scary… Read More →

Finding Strength and Peace in Times of Grief

griefGrief doesn’t always have rhyme or reason, it doesn’t have a time limit or an expiration date. It is part of your journey and only you can understand your grief. Like an ocean, some times it will be calm, some times the waves will crash against your shore and other times they will be calm but you have to keep swimming.

While deep down we know that we have to remain positive and remember that “this too shall pass” during times of grief, when the waves coming crashing in on us, it’s hard to remain a positive attitude. I want to remind you of these 5 notions to help you through those times. Review them from time to time and remember that there is sacredness in your grief. It is not a mark of weakness but of your immense power. Read More →

How To Make Life Simple Again

Simple_LifeWhen you’re young, life is simple. You’re full of hope and you see the best in the world. There are no biases or agendas.

We like people who smile, we stay away from those who frown. We eat when we’re hungry, drink when we’re thirsty and we do the things that we find entertaining.

The older that we get , the more we complicate things. We become disheartened by negative external influences. We become bitter, suspicious and apprehensive of people and new situations.

Eventually we stop trying new things, trusting new people, taking risks and learning new things. This prevents us from truly living life.

We can gain back the simplicity of our younger years and it’s not that difficult. Because life doesn’t have to be difficult, it is people that make it complex.

Let’s get back to the basics in life. Stop drowning yourself in things that make you feel numb. Rather its alcohol, work or reckless relationships, they only make life more complicated.

Let’s make life simple again. Its easy! Here’s 30 ways to do that: Read More →